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Wireless Home Security Alarm

Date Added: 06/22/2017 by Kayla K.
Wireless Home Security Alarm

My mother recently moved out to the middle of nowhere on a 10 acre plot of land. Her driveway is longer than the street I live on so naturally I was a little concerned about her safety especially with her being out there alone. She hates when people “baby” her so I knew getting her something too security focused would be a big no-no which is why I went with the driveway alarm. In my head it’s for her protection but in her head it’s a useful tool to know when a visit is pulling in. We tested it over the weekend and it works great. I was a little worried that with the lower price it would be lower quality but it works just as I would want and expect it to. It has 3 options for the alert which is something I didn’t even notice until I set it up. When it was at the loudest setting we could hear it from the other rooms in her house which I was pretty impressed by. It also has the option of alerting you via light instead of sound which happens to be my mom’s favorite setting. She says the sound scares the you know what out of her when it goes off during her nap or while she’s asleep but the light is a much more pleasant wake up call. She’s sensitive enough to light that it still wakes her up. Overall I am very happy with the purchase, my mom loves her “useful” driveway alarm and I love her “safe” driveway alarm ;)